Stocking Stuffers

Santa Clothesline

I was just laughing to myself (I’m a one-woman show over here) about some of the funny traditions we had around Chanukah and Christmas in my house growing up.  I know that they say “when you stop believing in Santa, you start getting underwear in your stocking.”  But I believed in Santa until the ripe old age of 11 (this is consistent with a lifelong trend of believing in dead-end relationships), and I got underwear the whole time.

On the second night of Chanukah, my mom always gave us socks.  My mom had a depression-era sensibility (despite having been born in 1948), but I still have some of the socks I got in college, so she really has saved me a lot on sock money.

Also we always got Reese’s peanut butter trees in our stockings.  To this day, my sister and I would trample a class of kindergarten children to get to the last Reese’s Christmas trees on the shelf at Target.  We take no prisoners.

I would love to know – what are some of the funnier gift traditions in your family?

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