Why 5th Graders Make the Best Friends

Golden Girls

I just read an article over at hello giggles that made me so happy – it’s about how to make friends.  Sounds simple enough, but is it really?  To those of my readers in their 30′s and beyond – when was the last time you made a really good new friend – we’re talking bestie material?  If I’m right, it’s probably been awhile…because somehow making new friends is easier when you still carry a fake i.d.

Last week I talked about my goal for making new friends in 2014, and this article gives some fun ideas for how.  It’s short, charming, and it’s about why 5th graders are better at making friends than we are.

Because they’re really, really good at:

  1. Buying accessories at Claire’s
  2. Choreography
  3. Pillow Talk
  4. Snacks

Read more here, and then get started!

*Photo Source: NBC*


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