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Phone Operator

I think it’s a universally held truth that every person hates the sound of his or her own voice.  I have a pretty forgettable voice, but I like to imagine sounding like Kathleen Turner after a pack of cigarettes.  Yet there’s one place where my voice really shines – on the phone.  Specifically in voicemail.  I don’t know what happens, but when I hear that beep, I am suddenly a phone sex operator.  I am who I always dreamed I could be.

So imagine my delight to discover there is actually a competition for people like me – an annual Phone-Answering Competition in Japan.  Over 12,000 office workers competed this year – 60 became finalists – 1 won.  There’s even an entire literary genre behind it, with titles like, “How to Talk Like a Workplace Beauty.”

Japan’s ideal voice, it turns out, is higher than usual, feminine, and energetic.  One business manner expert explains, “Think of the musical scale — do, re, mi, fa — and imagine speaking in fa.”  My phone sex operator persona would be a wonderful fit for you, Japan.

Call me.

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(Via NYT)


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