Ugly Crying

No Ugly Crying

So – readers – question for you: is crying at work okay?  Have you done it?

I just totally lost it in front of a relatively new coworker in a moment of frustration and am curious what you think.  For some people (like me), crying is super cathartic.  We don’t get mad, we don’t get even, we get weepy and move on. For me it’s healthy – I don’t hang onto bad feelings, I shed them through my tear ducts.

But I’m quite certain it can be off-putting for others to see mascara running down my face in a meeting about workflow – the bride of frankenstein probably wouldn’t have held down an office job.

Why are passive-aggressive anger and sarcasm more acceptable?

Now excuse me while I go blow my nose all over the crudité remnants of someone’s lunch meeting in the kitchen.

What do you think?

*Photo Source: Miss Moss*


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