Junk Drawer Friday!

Royal Baking Powder

Happy Friday, everyone!  What are your plans?

I’m going to be baking, baking, baking.  My mom used to bake for days around Christmas and give our closest friends theses elaborate plates of cookies to nosh on over the holidays.  So – for the first time – I’m trying to do it, too, just because it makes me feel close to her (though all of the recipes I chose could be made by a goat – nothing too hard).  Wish me luck – hope I don’t burn down the house!

In case you’re standing in neverending lines to buy your last few Christmas presents this weekend – here’s some fun reading to help you kill time!

This French cafe charges customers with bad manners higher prices.

Most incredible tv mash-up ever done (Sherlock Meets The Doctor in…Wholock)

NYC’s smallest museum exists in an elevator shaft.

Coolest thing ever done with taxidermied animals.

I’m not a girl who’s into shoes, but these are the coolest shoes I’ve ever seen.

Kindergarten girl singing (and signing) for her deaf parents during a school concert will melt your guts.

These world-famous museums were reconstructed with gingerbread and candy and are literally indistinguishable from the real thing!

Artist gets blank comic panels tattooed on his arm and fills them with drawings every day.

44 movies from 2013 that you probably missed but should see over your holiday break.

Kids’ drawing of their grandparents recreated in photos – hilarious!

NPR tracked down the American owner of a used bat mitzvah t-shirt being sold in a market in Kenya – great story!

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  1. Me too! I’m busting open my new Kitchen Aid 6-Quart Bowl-Lift Professional 600™ Series Stand Mixer and flipping through my extra-extra-super-special Bouchon Bakery book. ; ^ )

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