Junk Drawer Friday!

I’m not sure why, but the junk drawer this week is sorta full of testosterone.  Read it, crush some beer cans on your forehead, and then have a happy weekend, everyone!

An amusing article about why we should demand higher-quality hoaxes after the Thanksgiving story about Diane in 7a.

Infographic – Jay-Z’s most name-dropped products broken down by album – hilarious.

The 50 Shades of Grey line of lingerie is surprisingly tame.  Then again, so was the book.

Photographs of killer man caves.

Charlie Brown for the soul.

A watch that lets you sync with a long-distance love.

A museum for broken hearts – such an interesting concept.

An amazing group photo of 14 NFL quarterbacks in 1961.

When NASA invents teleporting, I am going to China.

Adventures of a serial trespasser.

I love him.

*Photo Source: Unknown*


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