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Fabric House 3

I have always been a vivid dreamer, and almost all of my dreams take place in my childhood home – a house I haven’t even seen in 11 years.  I guess there’s just no replacement for that patch of wall where I used to wipe all of my boogers.

So when I saw this installation by Korean artist Do Ho Suh, it kind of made me sentimental.  He created these giant fabric replicas of two of his own former homes, and I think they capture beautifully the love we often feel for our homes and also the impermanence of each.

In talking about the idea of home, he said, “I mean, at some point in your life, you have to leave your home. And whenever you go back, it’s just not the same home anymore. I think home is something that you carry along with your life.”

Which of the homes you’ve lived in has meant the most to you?

I’m also super into the idea of having teeny tiny replicas made of the homes I’ve lived in like these.  Somebody tell Santa.


Fabric House 1

(via HuffPo)


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