Junk Drawer: Week of November 22nd, 2013


Happy Friday!  Hope you’ve all had a wonder-filled week!

Is it terrible that I want to see this movie this weekend?  I just can’t seem to give up on Vince Vaughn’s acting career.

For any of you who won’t be busy thawing a turkey this weekend, here’s a little reading to keep you entertained:

A cafe in Tokyo now rents out twin beds to women-on-the-go who need a catnap.

Would you eat cheese made from THIS?

This takes me way, way back!

Did you know Duke Ellington was painfully shy about his weight to the point that he wore a corset under his suits?

These photos are perhaps my favorite of this current trend.

The most powerful female hairstyles in history.

How “magic” sets New York pizza apart from the rest – an exclusive from The Daily Show.

The craziest OK Cupid date EVER.

I almost can’t handle how amazing this is.

Gorgeous home built in an old church – what do I have to do to get that kind of square footage!

This 14 year-old girl just became the youngest person ever to run a marathon on every continent.

*Photo Source: Bryant Eslava*


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