The Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone 6

After more than a week at home, I am feeling like a major bump on a log.  I joked on Facebook the other day that I was starting to go crazy like Tom Hanks in Cast Away.  I’ve been talking to my cat like she’s Wilson the volleyball.

So I went in search of something that might echo the way I’ve been feeling (beached) and happened upon this lovely series by Lithuanian artist, Tadao Cern.  Comfort Zone captures candid photos of people sleeping on the beach, unaware that they were being photographed.  He wanted it this way to show how uninhibited we can be in the right environment and to provoke us into thinking about how to translate that into the everyday.

I particularly enjoy the guy who brought a floral tapestry for a towel, though I really hope that some day, I’m one of the two old friends sharing a blanket (last photo of the post). 

Comfort Zone 9

Comfort Zone 8

Comfort Zone 7

Comfort Zone 5

Comfort Zone 4

Comfort Zone 3

Comfort Zone 2

Comfort Zone 1(via Behance)


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