Junk Drawer: Week of November 15th, 2013

Superman Photo Booth

Happy Friday, everyone!  I’m happy to see the weekend come after being laid up at home all week.  My empty DVR and ancient magazines have been taunting me.

I hope you have a SUPER weekend!  Here’s a little link love from around the web if you’re looking for something to read and your magazines are as old as mine.

The best of the worst celebrity portraits from the 1980s.

John Lennon’s school write-ups!

I don’t even need a car, but this list of the Top 10 most extravagant car options makes me want to buy one immediately.

4 men traumatized by nudist beaches.

Tattoos that require several bodies to be seen in full.

15 surprising things you didn’t know about Ken (as in Ken and Barbie).

I want to go to there – to all of these theres.

Russian subway now accepts exercise as payment for rides, which is why I’ll never go to Russia.

Liz Lemon’s tips for living alone gave me a laugh!

Notebook dinners – the 800-millionth-gazillionth reason I wish I could draw.

In North Korea, you can be executed for watching soap operas, which is why I’ll never go to North Korea.

*Photo Source: Warner Bros.*


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