A Facelift for Your Mood

Women Looking Up

OK, people.  I have been inexplicably weepy for the last 24 hours.  I am convinced that I underwent some sort of hormone manipulation while I was on the operating table – like a real-life X-Men experiment.

But like my man Tupac used to say, “Even though you’re fed up, huh, ya gotta keep your head up.”  So today’s a new day!  Have you ever noticed how it’s virtually impossible to feel “down” when physically looking “up?”

Do a little experiment with me.  Next time you’re outside, tilt your head back, look up, and tell me that it isn’t harder to feel sad.  Your neck is tighter (reason alone to celebrate at my age), the corners of your mouth slip naturally into the curve of a smile (another thanks to gravity), you might get a little breeze on your face – your eyes, your face, your chest – it’s all wide open.  Hold it as long as you can or until people start to stare.  Instant mood (and face) lift.

I suppose it’s a little bit like the advice that even fake smiling makes you feel better.  But those people look like assholes.  Looking up is gangsta.

*Photo Source: 1951 Advertisement for Acrilan*


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