Pop-Up Poets


“You have the right to remain sexy,” Jon Sands says.  “To name a new dance move after every-thing-you-do,” he continues.

He’s just one member of PUP (Poets in Unexpected Places) in New York City – a group dedicated to bringing poetry into the public arena.

On any given day, this group of poets might board a train – all through different doors, sitting in separate seats throughout the car.  One poet stands up and performs a personal work – met with the grumbling of passengers expecting to be haggled for a cash hand-out.  But when she finishes, she simply sits down and another poet begins…by the 6th poet, everyone on the train is rapt with attention, earbuds out, fully engaged with the art that’s happening around them, wondering if the next performer is sitting right next to them.  This is the moment PUP is trying to create – a connection between strangers having a shared artistic experience.

From their website: “Isn’t life more fun when you halfway suspect the person next to you has the capacity to change your day, even if they don’t? Like art could be lurking around your everyday bodega. It can pop out of a trashcan. We’d like to make poetry exist spontaneously and everywhere, just like we feel it already does.”

Would you have the guts to stand up in front of a crowd of strangers and perform?

Check out more about Poets in Unexpected Places here and a sample of their awesome work below!

*Photo Source: PUP*

(Via GOOD)


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