My Surgical Chronicles: Michael Jackson, Jason Statham, and The Fonz

The Fonz

Tada!  I survived my surgery and have lived to blog another day!  As far as hospital experiences go, mine was really positive.

My personal highlights:

  1. The nurse who checked me in assured me that I wasn’t going to die by telling me that I’m not Michael Jackson.  I had been wondering for a long time if I was, so that was kind of a letdown.
  2. My anesthesiologist was a cross-eyed version of Jason Statham.
  3. The last thing I remember saying to my surgeon before succumbing to the anesthesia was, “I wouldn’t have pegged you for a Floridian.”  No idea why I said that or what it means.
  4. While I was in recovery and totally loopy, I seem to recall giving the thumbs up to everyone who walked by my bed like I was The Fonz.  I vaguely remember hearing one doctor say “I love when we get patients like that.”  I’m sure he meant “mental patients.”
  5. When it came time to take a walk to the loo (a requirement before they discharge you), I argued with the nurse about being forced to wear hospital issue underwear.  I lost.  I find it remarkable that I still managed to locate my vanity after 8 hours of wearing a hospital gown.

Thanks to everyone for your messages of care and concern – they helped so much!


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  1. So glad you didn’t pull an MJ on us! The last time I awoke from surgery, my first words were “OH F*CK NO!” and then I burst into tears. When the totally adorable resident who assisted in my surgery rushed over to check on me, I was forced to tell him and his dreamy eyes “Please just move along. I feel fine. I just didn’t expect to have such a big cast on my hand and I am incredibly vain. There’s really nothing to see here.”

    Not my finest hour…

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