Junk Drawer: Week of November 8th, 2013

Dance License

So I set this post to publish automatically last night. As you read this right now, I am probably on an operating table singing some kind of slurred lullaby as I slip under the anesthesia.

I’ll be spending most of the next few days consuming massive amounts of television and cereal while I take it easy and recover.  What are you up to this weekend?

Here’s this week’s link love for you!  If you find anything you think I’d enjoy during your own travels on the web, send it my way (contact info on the About Me page) – I’ll be desperate for reading material while I’m on bed rest!

Funny parody of women falling down in romantic comedies (why ARE they always falling down?)

The names of Sesame Street, the tv show, in 34 other countries.

Abandoned suitcases reveal the private lives of insane asylum patients.

Meet Kamala Khan, Marvel’s new Muslim superhero!

This foster mom took in 150 kids!

There’s a restaurant in NYC where you’re not allowed to talk.

Table music – totally toe-tappable.

We are one step closer to the invisibility cloak!

Cool indoor campground.

How to pull a baby out of thin air!

The museum of bad art.


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