Snow Projector Image

Time for your midweek moment of Zen!

I look forward to cold weather like most people look forward to Spring Break at Señor Frogs.  But it’s November 6th, and I haven’t even retired my flip-flops for the year, so I’ve simply begun enjoying winter vicariously through the web.

Last year during Winter Storm Nemo (cuddliest name ever for a blizzard), Brian Maffitt had the idea to project a film out into the snowfall and record it.  Assuming a children’s movie would give a nice selection of saturated colors, he chose The Lorax.  The results are really kind of stunning. 

Snow is already pretty magical, but I can barely imagine what I would have thought as a little girl with purple and blue snowflakes rushing passed my window. And for those of you (scrooges) who dread winter, maybe this will give you a new way to appreciate it!

Whatdyou think, would you try this at home?  I want to!

Check out the video below!

*Photo Source: Flickr Member BMaffitt*


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