How To See Things With New Eyes


To sort of dovetail on what we were talking about yesterday – “catching magic” in the every day, – I think Ecuadorian artist Javier Perez teaches us just how accessible magic can be!  It can be as simple as looking at old objects with new eyes – a potato can be a rooster, pliers can be a cowboy, a flower can be a gramophone!   His series of everyday items turned into imaginative doodles makes me feel like I should get an agent for my kindergarten finger paintings.

My favorite illustrations below and more on Javier Perez’ instagram cintascotch here!

Diver Pinchers Tree Rooster Scissors BalloonsMerry Go Round Goggles  Hanger Alligator Porcupine Man Trumpet

*Photo Source: Javier Perez*

(Via Behance)


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