Holy Cow, I Mean, Cat!


So I did something a little impulsive and spinster-y this weekend – I decided to foster a cat!  (I am committed to putting up a Match.com profile before the cat lady jokes begin.)

The first foster cat, Mimi Pickles, lasted just 23 hours.  The agency hadn’t realized that she has serious health conditions, and I hadn’t realized how terrifying cats can be when you have to give them medicine.  They sent a soccer player from Columbia University to my apartment to pick her up because you have to be a college athlete to coerce an unwilling cat into a carrier.

Then I got Eevee (the name she came with)!  After the volunteer dropped her off, I couldn’t find Eevee anywhere in the apartment and panicked that I’d already lost her.  (I’ve left several wallets on the top of moving cars, so this was not beyond the realm of possibility.)  But then I heard a rustling coming from my bookshelves and saw her tiny eyes peeking out from behind Orson Scott Card (see pic below).  I knew we were meant to be right then.

I think her name needs a little work, but naming things is not my strong suit.  Left to my own devices, I will probably just call her Cat, which seems a huge injustice for a cat who loves books.  Would love your nickname suggestions in the comments below!

Other things I like about her?  When she walks, it sounds like 4 tiny tap shoes on my floor.  She seems to like to sleep a lot.  She has a tiger face.  She hasn’t meowed yet.  She loves to curl up at my feet.  She’s missing two toes.

Things I’m not sure I love about having a cat?  I grew up with a cat who pooped like a newborn full of burritos, so I’m just not that into cat poops.  Also not that wild about their toenails (but would never declaw) – it’s a little like having Freddy Kruger for a pet.

So – we’ll see how it goes!  Any advice?


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  1. ‘the agency,’ as you call it was well aware of Mimi Pickles’
    health problems. I specifically told them she needed a cat guardian
    who was experienced giving meds. They didn’t listen.
    And you panicked. Unnecessarily.

    You didn’t even give Mimi a chance and she was later adopted
    by a hoarder. You will at some point have to give your current cat
    meds, and what then !?? will you abandon her or relinquish her to
    the agency?

    what you did was wrong. Mimi certainly deserved better than you.
    you can’t call yourself an experienced cat person if you know F.A. about
    giving meds!

  2. Lol, you go girl! Congrats on the new somewhat temporary addition to your family (I’m taking bets at the moment and it’s heavily weighing towards you keeping this cat)! Suggestions… Change the litter box VERY often, nothing worse than cat poo smelling place (I get those dog poo bags to put their litter in because they seal up nicely when tied and don’t let any smell out so I can throw them in the trash can). However, our 3 kitties that we rescued the other day will soon be transitioning to their next stage home in the barn loft until resident kitties get used to them
    (And then we’ll have no litter box in the whole house… Happy dance!) Other than that just keep us updated about her many quirks which will surely surface over time.

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