Catching Magic

Mickey and Minnie

A lot of how I live my life is about choosing to see things with a childish sense of wonder – like the rush of being pushed really high on a big swing.  And the older we get, the harder we sometimes have to work for it.  Can you remember the last time you felt it?  What were you doing?  I’d really love to know in the comments below!

This quote below got me thinking about it this morning.

“…every life has at least one fairy palace in its span. Usually these miracles happen when a person is young, but still wide-eyed enough to catch the magic that older people have forgotten or pushed away. For countless children, Disneyland has it…For both tourists and natives, the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace does well…prancing horses, flashing sabers, plumes and capes and trumpets in the fog…the Palace is in safe hands, a solid dream.

Sometimes people can know two palaces before Lady Luck calls it quits, but of course they are never of equal enchantment…[For me] the lesser of the two palaces was the Pig’n’Whistle, a stylish ice-cream parlor in Los Angeles.”

- M. F. K. Fisher

*Photo Source: Flickr Member Miehana*

(Quote via The Happiness Project)


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