Junk Drawer: Week of November 1st, 2013

Press for Champagne

Happy Hair of the Dog!  Hope you all had a great Halloween night out (or in, if you’re like me).  Time to restart the clocks and wait for a celebrity to do something ridiculous for us to parody next year!

While you secretly binge-eat your kid’s candy this weekend, here’s a little light reading for ya!

When will Facebook have more dead members than living?  It’s way sooner than you think!

Neat architecture – a “slouchy” house.

Fascinating recordings of street sounds in 1920s NYC.

China = Where people use helicopters to open beer bottles.

The 2014 Nice Jewish Guys Calendar – who knew this even existed!

God, I love people so much.

NYC subway signs experiment is super cute.

Some of the world’s most beautiful places are – guess where – in America!

What Halloween is really like for parents – too funny (and too true, I bet)

Hyperrealistic sculptures of giant humans – a snapshot of one of my favorite artist‘s work.

Awesome English translation failures.

*Photo  Source: Lisa Golightly*


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