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Junk Drawer: Thanksgiving Style

Planes Trains Automobiles

Hi, All!  I’m so sorry for the delay on this post – been having some technical difficulties since last night, but we’re up and running again!  On another note, WHY AM I AT WORK?  There are only 4 of us here, and I just started singing Wrecking Ball to myself.  I don’t usually reach that level of despair until after lunch.  I’m ready for the holiday break!

I bet you are, too – so whether you’re stuffing birds, watching football, or stampeding stores at midnight for sales, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

When you come out of that food coma, here’s some fun Thanksgiving-ish themed link love for you:

These characters would have killed at Black Friday shopping.

Why the turkey is the helicopter of flying birds.

50 essential novels for foodies!

What happens when you ask a British person to label the 50 states on a map?  No wonder we seceded.

If you must talk politics at Thanksgiving, here’s how.

This site shows you all the roads and flight paths Americans are taking this Thanksgiving.  Makes me very thankful that my only flight path will be from the couch to the fridge.

The balloons in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade 80 years ago were, how shall I put it, CREEPY.

American dialects – are you a soda, a pop, or a coke?  See how you measure up in this charming video!


Recommended reading for Thanksgivukkah.

Barbra Streisand! Barbra Streisand! Barbra Streisand! Christmas is coming early this Friday on PBS.

*Photo Source: Paramount Pictures*


Never Wet

Funkeldink 1Hey, y’all.  We need to talk.  Someone’s gone and invented the future.  And by future, I mean the future where you can squirt your clothes with chocolate sauce and mustard and NONE OF IT STICKS.

Watch this video and then arm yourself with as many cans of Never Wet as you can in the war against bath time splashing with your children.  (Of course artists – the biggest entrepreneurs of all – are already using this stuff to make great art – check out a couple of my faves from Funkeldink - ALL OF THIS AFTER THE JUMP!


It’s Bath Time!

When I get my haircut there’s one step I look forward to more than anything – the shampoo bowl.  More specifically, the shampoo girl with the long acrylic nails.  She gives the best damn lather this side of the Mississippi River, and I love her for every second of it with a blissed out grin on my face.  I knew a girl in college who gave particularly awesome head massages, too – usually after a joint and a round at the archery range (not always in that order).  God, I miss sophomore year.

So when I saw this video of newborn twins taking a bath, it was all clear to me – some of us are just born to love a good rinse.  A maternity nurse in Paris named Sonia Rochel invented a technique that involves running water over babies faces to make them mimic how they moved in the womb.  Check out these newborn twins taking a bath together and clinging to each other as they would have before birth.  At about 1:05, the cuteness reaches epic, call-your-mom-and-sob-from-joy proportions.

Now just imagine that this is what I look like in the shampoo chair.

(via Cup of Jo)


Plastic People

I’m currently digging on this music video from Belgian artist Stromae – it’s a good toe-tapper and such a cool artistic concept.  Hope it gets you through the afternoon!  PAPAOUTAI!

(Does it remind anyone else of the pilot episode of Doctor Who with the living plastic people?)


Totes McGotes

In case you haven’t seen the latest commercials from Sprint, I had to share this.  (And, really, why would you have.  Only desperados like me with empty DVR’s watch shows in real-time with ads.)  The 16 year-old girl in me can’t help but giggle every time James Earl Jones says “totes mcgotes” – or when Malcolm McDowell says “he’s the hottest hottie that ever hottied.”


Detroit Dance-Off

West Side Story

Nothing gets me revved on a Monday morning like a good dance-off – I’m talking West Side Story to Zoolander to pretty much anything produced by Adam Shankman.  So I refuse to start my work week until someone can tell me who won this dance-off – the kid with the fresh moves or the grooviest NBA usher of all time.

Check out the awesome Dance Cam dance-off from last week’s Detroit Pistons game against the Knicks …AFTER THE JUMP!


Junk Drawer: Week of November 22nd, 2013


Happy Friday!  Hope you’ve all had a wonder-filled week!

Is it terrible that I want to see this movie this weekend?  I just can’t seem to give up on Vince Vaughn’s acting career.

For any of you who won’t be busy thawing a turkey this weekend, here’s a little reading to keep you entertained: …The craziest OK Cupid date ever, rent-a-naps, and Duke Ellington’s corset secret – AFTER THE JUMP!


My Family’s Culinary Traditions

GrandparentsI had the honor of guest blogging for Lexy over at The Proper Pinwheel today – I adore her and her passion for helping us all throw great parties!  Today we’re talking about culinary traditions and my kitchen failures – juuuuuust in time for Thanksgiving!  Head on over to her site, The Proper Pinwheel, to read about my mom, how her love for cooking defined my childhood, and how none – NONE – of that DNA made it into me.  Would love to hear about your own family’s culinary traditions in the comments!


A Wu-Tang Rap About Science


Awhile back I talked about Christopher Emdin, a NYC teacher, who was doing some really cool work with students – using free-style rap as a vehicle to engage students in the sciences and build self-esteem.  Read the article – it’s super cool.  I often dream about starting a school like this – one that uses arts across all disciplines – and has a bomb hot lunch counter.

One of Emdin’s collaborators in the pilot project is GZA of Wu-Tang clan (yep, THAT clan), who has been working on his own album about the cosmos.  Behold – finally a Wu-Tang rap video that’s safe for your children – GZA raps about the Big Bang: …AFTER THE JUMP!


The Funnier Side of Marriage


Ever wonder how you would explain marriage to someone who didn’t know what it was?  Comedian Aziz Ansari’s answer will make you laugh… AFTER THE JUMP!