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Be Soft and Lovely

Soft and Lovely


I usually wake up on the aggressive side of bed on Monday’s – mostly annoyed to have to trade in sweatpants for actual pants.  (My thighs are like uncooperative hostages, and my inseams are the bad guys in ski masks.)

And so this photo break from NPR’s Fresh Air is the perfect antidote to the Monday’s.  And pants.

Hope you all have a soft and lovely week!

*Photo Source: Jenny Holzer*

(Via NPR Fresh Air Tumblr)


Marathon Knitting

Marathon Knitter

The NYC Marathon is coming up this weekend!  Runners from all over the world will descend upon the city in their fanny packs and short shorts, leaving the streets littered with runner’s gu.  Marathon running sure isn’t for sissies – salt comes out of your pores, your feet blister, your nipples chafe.  It’s not glamorous.  But David Babcock makes it look so ridiculously easy. …SEE HOW AFTER THE JUMP!


Burlesque and Beauty at Any Age

Stephanie Blake, photographed in the kitchen of her Simi Valley,

Is Monday morning too early to start talking about naked ladies?  I’m not quite sure what the proper etiquette is here – all I know is no booze before noon.  So this morning we’re going to talk about stripping. …AFTER THE JUMP!


Junk Drawer: Week of October 25th, 2013

US National Archives

I have eaten about 10 pounds of candy this week with my nephews who are visiting, so I’m looking forward to a weekend detox.  What are you up to?

While I’m depriving myself of the carbohydrates I was meant to have, here’s a little link love from around the web! Want to know what happens when a grown woman wears Axe Body Spray for a week? YES YOU DO! …After the jump!


Terms of Endearment


“Wacko” is a term we use freely and with affection in my family.

Where others might say “honey,” we say “wacko.”  Where others might express feelings of gratitude to a friend who has confided something of deep, personal value, we might respond with “YA WACKO!”

What unconventional terms of endearment do you use in your family?  Share in the comments section below!

*Photo Source: Flickr Member*


The Moonwalk

Ohio State Marching Band

I went to a Big Ten school with a pretty serious marching band, so it is basically a capital offense that I am posting a RIVAL SCHOOL’s marching band video.  It’s just that good.

Check out Ohio State’s tribute to Michael Jackson.  Really just fast forward to 4:45 and then chair dance because what you are about to see is probably the coolest thing ever attempted by any marching band anywhere.  …AFTER THE JUMP!


Perfect Strangers

Renaldi 1

This one makes me feel all squishy inside.

I’ve talked before about the power of touch and small intimacies between strangers.  But while I was simply lamenting the absence of physical contact in my life (a clear indication that I am going to die alone surrounded by ficus plants), someone else was actually doing something amazing about it. …READ MORE!


Ain’t He Sweet

You know what you do when you have more money than you can wave a finger at?  Entertain people on your ukulele.

Your weekly Moment of Zen: Warren Buffett putting his spin on The Beatles’ “Ain’t She Sweet” yesterday on The Today Show.  An 83 year-old playing the ukulele is pretty darn cute.  Why’d he learn to play?  To impress a girl in college, of course.  (It didn’t work.  But he has sacks and sacks of money now, so who cares.)

(via Today Show)


Planning Your Next Vacation?

What Each Country Leads the World In

If you haven’t seen this yet, enjoy.  Doghouse Diaries put together a world map of all the things each country is the best at.  I, for one, had no idea that the US leads the world in lawnmower-related deaths.  I can’t believe we don’t publicize that.

If you’re ever wondering where to go for the fastest download speed (Romania), commercial bank prime lending rate (Zimbabwe), or raspberries with a side of nuclear warheads (Russia), I think you’ll want to see this.  On the other hand, if you’re looking to avoid robots (Japan), long alphabets (Cambodia), and killer lakes (Cameroon), this is the map for you.

Click here for a zoomable version!  Happy Vacation Planning!


Around the World in 5 Years

I Want to Travel Around the World

Your midweek kick-in-the-pants here!  A 24 year-old kid from the UK just spent the last 5 years traveling to EVERY COUNTRY ON THE PLANET.  I am impressed/shamed by him.  When I was 24, I was in a dead-end job with a desk in the supply closet, flirting with men who were entirely too old for me, and frequently missing my rent payments.

But not this guy!  Over the course of 5 years, James Asquith traveled to 196 countries, taking odd jobs here and there to cover the costs of travel.  What does it cost to visit every country in the world?  By his count, nearly …READ MORE!