The Safety Dance

Virgin America Safety Video

When I’m flying and the airline purser cues the safety video, I drop whatever I’m doing and listen attentively.  Teacher’s pet all the way.  I’m not offended that the airlines think we don’t know how to buckle our seat belts.  And I don’t care that they assume we’re all arsonists who want to tamper with the smoke detectors.  I just want to be fully briefed on the safety features of my aircraft.  Usually I’m the only one.

So Virgin America has taken a swing at updating the standard safety demo with a music video to get people interested.  It’s funny, witty, oddly catchy, and better than half the stuff on Hot 97 these days.  And, honestly, I probably WOULD feel safer traveling in a flying R&B video.

Watch to the end – it peaks around 3:30!



  1. This is fantastic! And not just because it features some of my favorite So You Think You Can Dance alums and cute children, but also because having something so upbeat, fun, and happy before take off is sure to help calm any pre-flight jitters and put any grumpy travelers in a better mood. Well done VA!

      1. Do I know? Of course I know! Have you seen the video of the proposal? If not, here it is. Get ready to cry:


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