Life in 3D

Twinkind 2

I didn’t even know how deep my need to be memorialized in miniature was until I saw this.  Last week Slate posted a short video (can be seen here) about a grocery retailer in the UK that is manufacturing 3d self-figurines for $64 and just in time for the holidays.  The results are incredibly lifelike (one man even had his figurine made to keep his wife company in the nursing home).  A little research revealed that the Brits aren’t the only ones doing it either.

Check out these amazing 3d self-figurines from German company, Twinkind.  Move over Barbie, there’s a new doll in town.  Or could this be the modern-day version of the bronze bust?  All I know is that I want to order 3D figurines of everyone I know and possibly play with them in the bathtub.

What do you think – creepy or cool?

Some of my faves below:Twinkind 6

Twinkind 5

Twinkind 4

Twinkind 3

*Photo Source: Twinkind*



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