Wengenn in Wonderland

Queenie Laio 3

Remember those Anne Geddes photos of babies in ridiculous poses – like dressed as vegetables and poking out of watering cans?  I have no idea if those are still popular, but I’d much rather see the baby photography business go in this direction (says the girl who has no kids but plenty of opinions).

Queenie Liao – artist and mom – created these “dreamscapes” with household items and her imagination during her little boy’s naps.  The textures, the fantasies, and the colors are all so charming – what an amazing gift to her family!  For any of you looking for family holiday card inspiration, I think that you could do something really fun with this idea!

I’d consider posing my teddy bear for photos if that didn’t scream LONELY SINGLE LADY.

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Some of my favorite photos from “Wengenn in Wonderland” below!

Queenie Laio 1

Queenie Laio 2

   Queenie Laio 6

Queenie Laio 7

Queenie Laio 8

Queenie Laio 9

Queenie Laio 15

Queenie Laio 14

Queenie Laio 13

Queenie Laio 12

Queenie Laio 11

Queenie Laio 10

*Photos: Queenie Liao*

(Via Design Taxi)



  1. Oh. My. Gosh.
    This is so adorable. I always thought the Anne Geddes babies were creepy and that she had clearly drugged them. But this is amazing. I love the very last one with the boat. I want to be that baby.

    1. Oh thank God – I was worried I might be crucified for saying I didn’t like Anne Geddes! I also want to be that baby! Or at the very least to make Future Boyfriend pretend to sleep while I pose him in my own elaborate scenarios.

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