Gossip for 2

Gossip for 2

Gossip is human nature.  Cavemen probably gossiped about each other’s snug loin cloths for all we know.  But I like to think that, at it’s best, gossip is born simply out of a desire to connect or create intimacy with another person.  (It’s worth noting that I am a total Pollyanna.)

Nonetheless, I love this new dessert idea from Mille Feuille in Greenwich Village.  It’s called “Gossip for 2.”  The designer (Julie Hinault) and chef (Olivier Dessyn) behind the new dessert felt that, “by the time you get to dessert, all your vital needs are met, you are not hungry anymore, you can relax, and let go. It is therefore the perfect moment for sharing secrets and confidences.”

The cake is “made with rich almonds, sweet coconut, bitter chocolate mousse, juicy pineapple, and sour lime. Each component, whether sweet, bitter, or juicy, not only adds flavor to the dessert, but also imparts characteristics of a good piece of gossip.”

Happy Gossiping!

Gossip for 2.4

Gossip for 2.3

Gossip for 2.2

*Photo Source: Design Milk*

(Via Design Milk)



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