Marathon Knitting

Marathon Knitter

The NYC Marathon is coming up this weekend!  Runners from all over the world will descend upon the city in their fanny packs and short shorts, leaving the streets littered with runner’s gu.  Marathon running sure isn’t for sissies – salt comes out of your pores, your feet blister, your nipples chafe.  It’s not glamorous.  But David Babcock makes it look so ridiculously easy.

On October 19th, Babcock, a graphic design professor, knitted his way into the Guinness World Record by completing the Kansas City Marathon while knitting a 12-foot scarf.  I’ll give you a second to process that.  He ran 26.2 miles and knit a friggin’ scarf.

Now, speaking as someone who spent a lot of time last week making Rainbow Loom bracelets with a 9 year-old, I, personally, can vouch for the personal safety risk of spearing yourself on plastic needles.  I can’t believe this guy’s coordination!

Check out the full article here.  And good luck to all the runners this weekend!

*Photo Source: Jim Barcus, AP*


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  1. WHAT?! I cannot believe this guy. I am training for a marathon right now, and, let me tell you, there is no way I could do anything other than (a) run and (b) try not to die during a marathon.

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