Junk Drawer: Week of October 25th, 2013

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I have eaten about 10 pounds of candy this week with my nephews who are visiting, so I’m looking forward to a weekend detox.  What are you up to?

While I’m depriving myself of the carbohydrates I was meant to have, here’s a little link love from around the web!

What happens when a grown woman wears Axe Body Spray for a week!

Dad lip synchs to daughter’s meltdown – must-see-tv.

Hundreds queue up to have sex with artisanal burger.

NY will have self-driving taxis by 2014.  Holy sh*t.

Guy caught watching Ellen at the Hawks game!

Funny drunk drawings ad to discourage drunkenness.

Quenching nostalgia with recipes from your greatest trips around the world.

Which US President said being a politician was like being a piano player in a whorehouse?

If slogans were honest – hilarious!

The headphones project is a cool idea – find out what people are listening to.

British rowing team strips down to fight homophobia and to fuel teenager girls’ daydreams for the year.

*Photo Source: Flip Schulke*


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