Perfect Strangers

Renaldi 1

This one makes me feel all squishy inside.

I’ve talked before about the power of touch and small intimacies between strangers.  But while I was simply lamenting the absence of physical contact in my life (a clear indication that I am going to die alone surrounded by ficus plants), someone else was actually doing something amazing about it.

In his series Touching Strangers, photographer Richard Renaldi pulls strangers off the street and asks them to pose together as if they were family or good friends.  The experiment often starts out awkward and tentative , he says, but always ends with the participants feeling like “Thanksgiving at Aunt Margaret’s.”  You can see it in the final photos – the way their hands touch, their eyes relax.  Some even begin to look protective of each other, and others simply look at home.  Perfect strangers caught in a perfect moment.

I think the photos bear a strong message about our basic desire to make meaningful connections to other people.  What does the project is say to you?

Check out this short CBS piece about the project and more Touching Strangers here!

Thanks to my friend J Henna for the share!


Renaldi 9

Renaldi 8

Renaldi 7

Renaldi 6

Renaldi 5

Renaldi 4

Renaldi 3

Renaldi 2

*Photo Source: Richard Renaldi*


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