The 21st Century Meet-Cute

Instagram Love

I’m a sucker for love and especially for a good meet-cute (that awkward, goofy, unexpected first meeting of a future couple).  Most of my greatest meet-cutes happened back in college when the internet was just being invented and you were more likely to meet someone in the computer lab than in a chat room.  But this couple’s story of their Instagram romance is a sign of how much times have changed and of what falling in love looks like in the 21st century.  (Also, it smacks of a good premise for a Love Actually sequel.  I’d like to see what kind of trouble Alan Rickman’s character could get into with an iPhone.)

As part of the Huffington Post’s Night We Met series, in which they interview engaged or married couples about the first time they met, Robin Coe and Matthew Fleming talked about how they met on Instagram in 2011.  Their descriptions of that first meeting are your moment of “awwww” for this week.

*Photo Source: @katieanndenis*


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