Stairway to Heaven

Piano Staircase

I don’t have any stairs to call my own.  I have 4 flights of them that belong to my landlord and which I have to climb like a Tibetan sherpa at the end of every long work day…but no stairs to call my own.  Given my poor sense of balance, though, it’s probably all for the best.  Having an interior staircase would probably drastically reduce my life expectancy.  Stairs, you are my kryptonite.

But that won’t stop me from fantasizing about this week’s eye candy – statement staircases – for those of us who have so much to say that we need our steps to say it, too.  Check out these really fun DIY staircases from Scraphacker and some of my own favorites from pinterest below!

Floral Staircase

Soda Staircase

Ruler Staircase

I Love You Staircase

Photo Staircase

Ombre BanisterBook Staircase XO Staircase

Ombre Staircase


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