Have you heard of Skateistan?  It’s a non-profit teaching Afghan children – half of them streetworking – how to skateboard.  Nearly 40% of Skateistan students are girls (girls aren’t allowed to bike in Afghanistan, but they ARE allowed to skateboard!).  The idea behind Skateistan is that all children deserve the right to play and that by engaging in an activity that builds their social capital, the kids will feel empowered to create change in their country.  I love this project!

One 14 year-old girl says of Skateistan, “I always like to go high on the ramps. When I’m up there I feel free, like I’m flying. I like that feeling a lot.“

Check out more about the programs in Afghanistan and Cambodia here!

Skateistan 7 Doughnut fountain


Skate demo


Young Skaters

*Photos Source: Skateistan*


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