Junk Drawer: October 18th, 2013

Beatles Pillow Fight

Hi!  Hope you’re all cruising along toward the weekend!  I hear Prince is having a slumber party open to the public this weekend.  Seriously, if I lived in Minnesota, I’d be putting on an assless silk jumpsuit and going straight to his house right now.

But since most of us won’t be spending the night with R&B royalty, here’s a little Weird from Around the Web to keep you entertained this weekend:

A restaurant staffed entirely by twins.  Ohhhh, Russia.

A really good dad wears daisy dukes to teach his daughter a lesson.

Netflix customer service call of the year.  Love this guy!

Trying to reach the the most powerful military in the world?  Too bad, the Pentagon’s fax machine is broken.

Best article ever about the variety of toilet features around the world.

New York unveils “text stops” along state highways.

This guy is illustrating one soccer player a day until the 2014 World Cup.

A Japanese boy band in classic black suits dancing in slo-mo = the trifecta of awesome.

Would you have gotten passed Thomas Edison’s job interview questions?  I would have failed hard.

If the trailer for Monty Python’s Holy Grail were cut as a modern-day movie – hilarious.

Parody PSA – Millenials apologize for sucking so bad.

*Photo Source: Harry Benson*


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