Is That Seat Taken?


Where do you sit when you go to the movies?  Front Row?  Dead Center?  Off to the sides or maybe back row?  According to psychologist Hiromi Mizuki, your movie seat says a lot about who you are.  (I hope you didn’t say back corner because, if you did, things aren’t looking good for you.)  Before I tell you how it all shakes out, take a second to think about where you usually sit.

Now this is what it might mean:

Front Row = You Are Social and Like to Be Connected

Front Corner = You are a Person Who is Often Taken Advantage Of

Center = Confident, Assertive, Forward-Thinking, Decisive

Middle, Off-Center = You Crave Personal Space and People You Can Be Yourself Around

Back Row, Center = Calm and Collected

Back Corner = You Want to Know Everything That’s Going on Around You without Having to Get Involved Because You Lack Self-Confidence

Off to the Sides = Timid and Afraid of Being Influenced by Others

So?  Not exactly the Myers-Briggs, but was it accurate for you?

I have to say, I often sit toward the front row so that I can put my feet up on the rails because I’m short and I can’t get comfortable when I feel like Lily Tomlin sitting in a giant chair.  It’s definitely not because I’m a Chatty Cathy!

(Via Daily Mail)


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