Try Me!


A few days ago, I ran across the work of a 24 year-old graphic designer in Spain named Oscar Torres that put a smile on my face.  I reached out to him to talk about his inspirations and was surprised to find him in the middle of a move halfway across the world to learn English in Australia.   He works under the brand name, “Try Me,” and I found this mantra to be a great representation of his work.

You can see that he loves working with his hands in the delicately constructed and carved wooden structures I’m sharing with you here, and the messages are both provocative and optimistic.  Torres wanted his work to reflect the risks he’s taking in his own life for his creative pursuits.

Try me.  It’s a powerful sentiment, right?  It sort of says, “Push me.  Stretch me.  I can DO this.”  “Try Me” is like the tougher, older brother of “Can Do.”

I’d like to be better at waking up to every day with a “Try Me” attitude.  I bet Tyra Banks wakes up every day in a velour Try Me track suit.

What do you think?






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*Photos Source: Oscar Torres*


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