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Earth Bleeds Water (Geothermal Energy in Iceland)

I’ve never had much of a desire to go to Iceland – not least of all because my fallback career in food service looks like it would be a total bitch there.  But then I saw a time lapse video of Iceland posted by The Cultureist, and it made me want to buy long johns and a plane ticket immediately.  It is pants-droppingly gorgeous.  (Also Iceland is close to Sweden, which is populated entirely by members of the Skarsgard family.)

Time-lapse photographer SCIENTIFANTASTIC shot for 17 days during Iceland’s Midnight Sun phenomenon, which provides almost six hours daily of “golden light” – every photographer’s dream.  (Check out scientifantastic’s time lapse of Rio, too – also breathtaking!)

Watch in full screen for the full effect.  My favorite moments are at 1:01, 2:04 and 2:28.

*Photo Source: National Geographic*



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