Philip Levine - Kisses

Good morning!  So many things to celebrate today!  I’ve never met a federal holiday I couldn’t enjoy in the comfort of my pajamas, so Happy Italian Guy Who Got Lost And Discovered America Day…but let me also wish you a Happy Be Bald and Free Day (this is an actual thing).  Today we celebrate those men and women who have been freed from the oppression of haircare products.  Those who now walk with Bruce Willis and Sigourney Weaver. Those whose shiny domes compel complete strangers to violate all sense of personal space and ask, “can I touch it?”  To the bold, the bald, and the beautiful, we salute you!

One of my favorite bald guys is Philip Levine who began using his now-iconic head as a canvas when he started to go bald 7 years ago.  Rather than reach for the razor and call it a day, he saw it as an opportunity to express himself in new ways.  The result is fun and inspiring. 

Would any of you ever try this?

Philip Levine - Disco Ball

Philip Levine - Ocean

Philip Levine - Crystals

Philip Levine - Banksy

Philip Levine - Butterflies

Philip Levine - Eyes

Philip Levine - Coffee

Philip Levine - Safety Pins

*Photo Source: Daniel Regan*


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