Power Prank

Carrie Prank

Oh, New Yorkers – you’re just like the rest of us underneath that tough guy exterior.  Love this hilarious prank promo for the new Carrie remake.  Watch how cafe patrons react when a girl with “telekinetic” powers loses her sh*t over a spilled coffee.

Favorite cameo – the girl who continues to film the whole thing on her phone as she backs away screaming.



  1. This was amazing. I love how everyone in there just wants to run the f*ck out the door, but, because its New York, they try to keep their cool by attempting a non-chalent speed saunter.

    1. It’s so true! You pinpointed exactly what I thought was so funny about it but couldn’t articulate! You’re seriously so much funnier than I am – will you just ghostwrite my blog? I’m sure we can work out some sort of fair trade agreement where I pay your coned bill or something.

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