Wish Upon a Star

Tekapo Church

They’re the 2 staples of the summer box office – an apocalyptic blackout and a bewildered Tom Cruise (Will Smith, if you prefer) hobbling down an abandoned street as the sun rises.  One of these things happens every night in the small New Zealand town of Lake Tekapo. 

As the world’s first official UNESCO “Starlight Reserve,” the township of Lake Tekapo powers down its electricity every night, so that stargazers can enjoy the spectacular celestial show.  And “the observatory’s commitment to an unpolluted look into the universe is so much so that the final ascent to the site in one of Earth and Sky’s minivans is undertaken in complete darkness.” (Lost at E Minor)

When I’m feeling wistful, I still wish upon a star like I did when I was a little girl.  Most of the time, though, I think I’m probably wishing on airplanes landing at LaGuardia.

Some photos from Lake Tekapo:

Tekapo Lake by Alex Cherney

Tekapo Burst by Fraser Gunn

Tekapo Pink and Yellow by Matt Hall

Tekapo Green

*Photos: Alex Cherney, Fraser Gunn, Matt Hall*

(via GOOD)


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