Have I Seen Your Face Somewhere Before?


Do you see what I see?  Karl Marx in the side of that iceberg?!

The good folks over at Twisted Sifter have taught me that there’s actually a reason for this – it’s called pareidolia – or the psychological phenomenon of seeing patterns in random data – like seeing animals in cloud formations and a man’s face in the moon, or even hearing hidden messages on records when you play them backwards.  (I think an alternative name for this phenomenon is “smoking too much damn weed.”)

If you want to fall further down this rabbit hole, here’s a thoroughly amusing list of 50 Faces in Everyday Objects.  This is not your run-of-the-mill list of Jesus faces in toast – this list is so clever!

And enjoy this classic from Roberta Flack while you scroll!

*Cover Photo: strummingmusic*


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