The Truth About Office Lunches…Exposed!

Lewis Hine

Work lunch is an intensely personal ritual.  There are three lunching profiles as I see it.  You either:

  1. pack (you are a show-off)
  2. order in (you do not own a gym membership), or
  3. run out and grab (you also take 15 smoke breaks a day).

The one thing we all have in common?  Our lunches are equally depressing when balanced on our keyboards as we sit at our desks and eat them.

The hilarious website Sad Desk Lunch reminds us that sad desk eating has been the plight of the American office worker for decades.  (That, and never being able to find a staple remover when you need one.  Seriously, where do they go???)  The site, featuring captioned photos of real-life lunches, is like Office Space meets a 60 Minutes expose on the sorry state of white collar lunch breaks.  (Admit it, you, too, have eaten straight from the peanut butter jar.  And Pop Tart Friday?  HELL YEAH!)

Here are just a few of my favorite recent Sad Desk Lunch posts (and their captions):

Who needs bread when you have your mouth:


Running out the door, grabbing your container of hummus:


Today I will eat yellow and feel happy about it!


Yes – it is possible to mess up Bagel Bites:

Bagel Bites

Soon it will be the weekend, the salsa murmured into your ear:


*Cover Photo: Lewis Hine*



  1. Sad lunches! So says the woman whose husband packs “deconstructed” sandwiches for the kids so that they don’t eat soggy sandwiches. Do you know how many containers that takes? I’m thinking dirty dishes here! I call it these “composed sandwiches.” And can only imagine how the kiddos end up pulling this thing together, as in what do they do with the avocado. Sometimes, nothing! Show off, indeed!

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