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Shakespeare vs. The Kardashians – An Epic Showdown


Last week, “twerk,” “food baby,” and “selfie” were admitted into the Oxford Dictionary.

That settles it – English is dead. It has gone the way of parachute pants, Orange Julius, and Teddy Ruxpin and will now only be remembered in nostalgic Buzzfeed lists.  I blame the Kardashians.

Or can Shakespeare save us all? …READ MORE!


The Che Guevara of Hot Dogs

Flower Hot Dog

I don’t care that it’s 6 in the morning, and I’m writing about hot dogs.  It’s because I care about you, and I want you to be happy.  Your lunch could potentially be so revolutionary that Che Guevara would be taking notes.  …READ MORE!


A Garden Full of Music

The Plant WhispererI sometimes daydream about swapping my square footage in the city for a square acre in the country, and yet I never could have thunk up this charming garden retreat or the motivation behind it.  Meet Mileece Petre, a real-life garden gnome. …READ MORE!


Skype Around the World


Mark Malkoff is a New York City comedian and Stephen Colbert lookalike.  According to NPR, he has “lived for a week inside of an IKEA store, consumed beverages at 171 Starbucks in Manhattan in less than 24 hours and proved that his kid’s Big Wheel bike could beat a New York City bus across 42nd Street.”

In other words, this guy’s got ambition.

His latest project – dubbed “Call Me, Haiti?” by NPR (public radio, your grasp on year-old pop culture never ceases to amaze) – is a quest to skype with someone in every country in the world.  The results are hilarious and often touching.  …READ MORE!


I’ve Got the Whole World in My Hands

SBS Documentary 3

It’s fair to say that I don’t understand technology.  I don’t understand how phones, computers, or electricity work.  I don’t even really understand vending machines.

So when we start talking about paintings with 3D effects, I put my crayons down and give up. All I know is that it looks super cool. …READ MORE!


How to Giddyup-and-Go at Any Age

Diana Nyad

Feeling a little sluggish this morning? I don’t blame you. It’s always hard to summon that giddyup-and-go after a long weekend. I stuffed my face full of nachos yesterday and then passed out on the coach like an over-served frat boy for several hours. I’m pretty sure this is not what the government had in mind when it gave me the day off.

I hope you were much more productive than I was. Hell, I hope you were HALF as productive as 64 year-old Diana Nyad who SWAM FROM CUBA TO FLORIDA over the weekend. She made history as the first person ever to …READ MORE!