Junk Drawer: Week of September 27th, 2013

Rat Pack

Happy Friday, everyone!  Is it just me, or has this week been about as slow as a molasses drip?

I’m looking forward to the weekend!  I’m going to check out the Fete Paradiso on Governor’s Island, bake THIS, and – of course – see Don Jon (let’s compare notes on Monday).

Here’s a little link love to keep you cozy during our first fall weekend:

Big announcement - I’m moving to Normandy!

This made me laugh so hard – the truth about how technology has made borderline-psychotic photography totally acceptable.

No ordinary park bench!

Even more reason not to leave the house on Halloween!

Now THIS is a couple that’s gonna make it.

I want this to be the future.  Take THAT Apple (she says while typing on her MacBook Pro).

This guy wants to taste you like yogurt.  Totally weird.

Did you by any chance leave a wallet containing a $2 million check on the subway?

Top 100 pop culture references of a Millenial.  I am officially too old to know some of these.

The Netflix for books – would you use it?

Everyone is talking about why it’s important to “unplug” – here are some unique ways to make yourself do it!


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