Are You a Pizza Purist?

Home Alone Pizza Limo

I didn’t care much for pizza when I was younger – I was that annoying kid at birthday parties who had to have a PB&J made just for me.  But it’s hard to get away with not liking pizza forever – especially in a city of 9 million pizza-eaters.  You will never have a lasting relationship.  You will never hold down a job.  And you will definitely never get invited to Grimaldi’s with Beyonce and Jay-Z.

So as I’ve gotten older, I’ve acquired a taste for a really good slice of cheese pizza.  No extra junk on top – I’m a pizza purist.  And as I read Christopher Hudspeth’s hilarious post, “Loving Cheese Pizza Isn’t A Choice, So Stop Criticizing Me For It,” I realized I’m not alone.  Call me a philistine, but what’s with all the toppings.  You’re obviously compensating for something.

Read the full post – you won’t regret it.  My favorite line:

“As a young boy watching Home Alone, I always felt like Kevin McCallister was my spirit animal because his love for Christmas, fear of basements and most importantly, his appreciation for the exclusive rights to a cheese pizza.”

Amen, brother.  (Also, I’d forgotten how cute Macauley Culkin was.)

What’s your favorite pizza?



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