Take a Deeeeep Breath

Caesar's Last Breath

You’ll never believe what I found out yesterday – unless, of course, you actually paid attention in high school chemistry.  (I did not because I was busy planning my future with Rob Lowe.)  I learned that every time we take a breath, we’re breathing in molecules from Julius Caesar’s last breath.  I will wait while this explodes like pop rocks in your brain.

Don’t believe me?  Google it, scroll passed all the caesar salad recipes, and you’ll see that this is a real thing.  There’s a lot of math involved, and some science, and blah blah blah, but the bottom line?  Molecules are small.  They get around.  And they’re in your mouth right now.  (NPR says so.)  And this isn’t just true of Julius Caesar, though the phenomenon is called “Caesar’s Last Breath” because he’s the best-known dead guy ever.

In reality, you are breathing Benjamin Franklin’s breath as he read the Declaration of Independence for the first time.  You are breathing Kanye West’s breath as he stole the mic from Taylor Swift.  And you are breathing your mother’s breath as she gave birth to you.

And that funky taste in your mouth once in awhile?  It’s probably Nicolas Cage.  (Doesn’t he look like he’d have some real dragon breath?)

This, ladies and gents, is just one more solid piece of evidence that we are all connected…and that flossing is important.

PS. Thomas Edison’s last breath is apparently being held in a museum in Michigan. 


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