How to Put the “Fly” Back in Flying

Irazu Air

I spend a lot of time wondering how to cure my plane anxiety.  Thumb-sucking hasn’t helped.  Smooth jazz playlists definitely don’t help. Not even a purse full of candy helps.

But you know what WOULD help?  If flying looked a little more now like it did 40 years ago.

Let’s start with a fashion show after take-off:


And then maybe a visit to the coach lounge (styled by Tommy Bahama?)!

The Lounge

Who needs Xanax when this guy probably makes a mean martini:


And afterward, a lunch that wasn’t cryogenically frozen in a lab 2 years ago:

Lunch Service

And a pit-stop in the nautical-themed first class lounge:

Captain Cook First Class Lounge

Before joining in on some toe-tappin’ entertainment at the piano bar on our way back to our seats (Jerry Lee Lewis, is that you?):

Piano Bar

Oh and let’s not forget about the stewardesses!  Talk about glamour (and short skirts) – wowsa!  Check out a full gallery of the gorgeous ladies here!

*Photo Sources: Cruiseline History, Jalopnik, BBC*


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