A So Long and a Sunbeam


This weekend, we held the first of 3 parties to celebrate my mom’s life. There were tiaras, speeches, good food, and beautiful memories. Sadly (or maybe luckily) no one took their top off for Mardi Gras beads.

My mom’s rather unconventional final wish was for her ashes to be released inside purple balloons. I’ll let you ponder for a moment the Nobel Prize-worthy feat of engineering I invented to get the ashes inside the balloons. (Though I should just shut up and be thankful – she was also considering being shot out of a cannon.)

As skeptical as I was when my mom first requested it, that ended up being my favorite part of the whole day. Her friends counted to 3 together and then yelled her name as a gust of wind carried the balloons away. Up, up, and away she floated until she was just tiny purple dots in the sky. My mom is a force of nature even still.

The photo above is the only one I was able to snap on my phone just after we let go of the balloons, and I love the way it caught those beams of sunlight. Who knows, maybe she was there.

Also it turns out there is a name for those beams, though it’s not one you’re likely to drop at your next cocktail party because it sounds like an unsavory medical condition. They’re called crepuscular rays.

Below are some real “beauts” – and I hope the rest of your week is just as breathtaking as these!










*Photo Sources: Jeff McNeill, Logan Williams, Michael Su, Weston Renoud, Shi Zhao, Matt Harvey 1, Luis Argerich, Tastwo, Tim Drivas*


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