Junk Drawer: Week of September 20th, 2013


Okay, so my first experiment with “unplugging” after my phone was stolen this week has me thinking this: Anyone who says disconnecting once in awhile is good for you? LIAR, LIAR, PANTS ON FIRE. These are the same people who told you Santa was real. Being without a phone since Wednesday has been like medieval torture (having never actually been medievally tortured myself).

For those of you who DO have technology, here’s a little link round-up from this week on the web…You know, for when you’re at brunch with your friends and they’re busy Instagramming bokeh pics of cappuccino foam.

This woman wrote a hiaku for each guy she’s slept with. Prooooobably my favorite discovery of the week.

Hilarious article about how to survive Whole Foods.

Amazing mash-ups of historic NYC crime scenes.

Coolest coffee shop I’ve ever seen. (And I’ve been to Amsterdam.)

8 women who are changing the way we see porn.

If Vine had existed when I was in college, I would have made it into this compilation of stupid things people do in Wal-Mart.

IKEA, you’ve done it again!

Very controversial photo project. Provocative or offensive?

Cereals from the 1980s that don’t exist anymore.

The Meow Mix song – opera-style.

4 kinds of naps you should know about.

*Photo Source: sugartowne*


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