Rites of Passage

Brooklyn Bridge Sunset

There are certain rites of passage in a person’s life: Puberty. Scantron tests. Food service jobs.

In the life of a New Yorker, one of them is being mugged. And last night, the cosmos decided it was my turn.

Luckily, I wasn’t hurt – and after a dinner of ice cream sandwiches, I felt instantly better.

This morning, I’m mostly thinking about all the other rites of passage I’ve endured on the road to becoming a legit NYer. These are just a few. Would love to hear what yours have been in the comments section!

  1. Understand that if you fall down a sidewalk grate, it was just your time.
  2. Use lava soap to clean the black bottoms of your feet every day in the summer.
  3. Cut a piece of furniture in half because you couldn’t fit it in your doorway.
  4. Be able to name and justify your top 3 pizza places when your coworkers are debating the lunch order. Get this one wrong and risk social annihilation.
  5. Get into an empty train car at least once to learn that there’s a reason it’s empty. Sometimes it’s because there’s a naked person on the bench, sometimes it’s a shark.
  6. Give a tourist directions, only to realize with enormous guilt hours later that you sent them the wrong way. And then accept that sometimes it’s better not to help at all.
  7. Convince a friend not to move to Los Angeles by talking trash about nice weather and how “old” sunshine can get.
  8. Cross Times Square on a Saturday night without killing anyone.
  9. Tell a taxi driver you’re not from out of town and to turn off the meter because he’s going the wrong way.
  10. Do the math and decide that spending 50% of your salary on rent is okay because you GET TO LIVE IN NYC.

Also, this GIF Guide to Moving to New York City is SO funny and just what I needed!

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  1. 1. Also getting mugged
    2..Living next door to an apartment building that sold drugs and being glad when I saw the dealers on the stoop late at night … because they looked out for the neighborhood.
    3. Flying into LGA at night, looking down and thinking with a smile “home sweet home.”

  2. UGH — so sorry you got mugged. The moment I really felt like I had NYC on lock was when I could spot out, off the top of my head, which subway lines were under construction at any given time.

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