Now You See Them, Now You Don’t

On the edge

Yesterday was the first day we felt a hint of fall in New York.  Although it was still a balmy 62 degrees, some of the wussier Yanks hit the streets in fleece.  I mean, REALLY?  I will wait until The Last Possible Second to give up wearing flip-flops.  It has to be subzero weather – because I’m from Wisconsin, and I was born in a snowbank.  (Also this may or may not be part of my Navy Seals training.)

But as we ARE in the final countdown to the first day of fall (this Sunday!), I thought it’d be fun to take a minute, think about where our naked feet carried us this summer, and remember all the fun times!  If your feet are shy and never let themselves be photographed (like mine), don’t worry – you can just enjoy vicariously through the Internet’s feet because apparently they did a lot of cool things this summer.  Enjoy some of my favorite vacation feet below and tell me what your best day this summer was in the comments section!

Now say goodbye to your feet.  You’re not going to see them for awhile.


  *Cover Photo: Flickr*


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