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BusIn an age when we can make new experiences feel old with a vintage filter in Instagram, it seems we are constantly searching for ways to make our lives feel more memorable.  But did you ever consider that all you really need is some pocket change and a sense of humor?

As a professional photographer, Hughes has taken his fair share of picture-perfect photographs.  But when he’s traveling, he takes these wonderful photos of cheap, local souvenirs in iconic settings, and the result is priceless.  (This is where the Travelocity gnome admits he’s beat.)  Hughes talks about his process – and the rules he set (like not bringing any props with him) – in this Weekly Flickr Moment.

An easy peasy tip for taking great travel photos: don’t just be an observer – involve your environment and the people in it!  (And always remember that camels can spit up to 120 feet.)

Statue of Liberty

souvenirs series








NYC Taxi

Eiffel Tower

*All Photos: Michael Hughes*


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  1. Funny how much info you can grab out of a photo. Take the taxi photo for instance. I was so appalled that Christian Slater could still get an acting gig, I had to look up that blurry title on IMDB. Turns out it was another failed attempt at thespianism circa 2008. However, in my search I discovered a movie called “Enemy” that looks intriguing.
    btw – I almost posted the word “thesbianism”, which is something TOTALLY different. ;-)

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